what you see is what you get.

remember when you were in secondary four? when u choose your specialization?

pure science - they will become doctors one day
teknologi kejuruteraan - they are the future engineer
sastera - they'll become sasterawan one day

wth!! where are you now? i bet 80-90 % of you were no longer in the 'paved path'

remember when you first step into the college?

mechanical engineering - they will produce machine that can change the world one day
electrical engineering - they'll have hair like alberto einsteino because they will constantly play with electrical current
information technology - they are the next bill gates

wth!! where are you now? i bet 80-90 % of you were no longer in the 'paved path'

degree in certain discipline is no longer relevant nowadays. it no longer guarantees u to become wht they taught u.

that is why u can hear nowadays they next bill gates is actually doing some text speech and organization charts

that is why u can hear nowadays the future doctors actually doing some photocopying work in marketing departments.

some people appear tough, yet they prone to crying while watching some chick flick
some people appear feminine, yet they can lift a crane (ok thats hiperbola)

truth is
what you see is not what you will always get.

rambut kasi potong sluup dalam? bros? sideburn mau simpan ka?


how often do you see this kind of advert?

"sign up now for RM 50,000 rebate.."
"new customer get this and that.."
"free caller ringtones if you sign up now.."

Q: What is the Cut Now! Promo?

The Cut Now! Promotion is an incentive for you to switch from your
current broadband service provider to P1 W1MAX with 30 days free

broadband and savings worth RM 160.
Q: I’m an existing P1 subscriber. Can I provide P1’s broadband bill to be eligible for the promotion?

No, this promotion is only for subscribers of other broadband services.
Existing P1 customers are not eligible for the promotion.

what do you get as an existing customer?

"shitty service?"
"hidden cost fee?"
"gentle reminder to pay the bill on time?"

most of any service provider at the initial stage would do this. they would give out this and that to get more people join.
yet they neglect the existing customer they have (had).

(aku jeles ah budak2 baru nk join ni dapat macam2.. aku yg dah lame ni ko biar je!!)

how important it is to retain your customer?


or you will see this kind of writing came out to the web complaining how they neglect the existing customer.. bla bla bla ... bla bla bla
complaining customer it is

the same goes in life

"wah.. dah kawen je perut naik"
"before kahwin jalan pegang tangan, lepas kawin jalan sebatu di depan"
"oooooh... mase nak ngorat i dulu makan kat fridays, swipe credit card.. now dah dpt i, mintak i bayarkan pulak..!!"

but in life ade different sikit ar..

you may look forward (look for new "customer")
you may look behind (look for your past "customer")

wht would your current customer feel finding out that youve been doing that?

how important it is to retain your "customer"?


or you will see this kind of writing came out to the web complaining how they neglect the existing customer.. bla bla bla ... bla bla bla
complaining customer it is

why not you confront with the "service provider" dulu?
ask them whether are they planning on giving out bonus for the existing customer?
or server tgh down ke..?

whtever it is..

(takde conclusion.. tak boleh nak fikir the similarity..)

borneo chicks and coconut tree

in football, a scout is someone who looks around for talent.
when you spot a talent, you should groom, nourish it for that will bring a lot of advantages, goodness towards both sides, the talent and the teacher.

there was once this free web hosting provider named Geocities. unfortunately, for some business reason, it was taken over by Yahoo!. and now Yahoo! is shutting down its free service. so long Geocities and thank you for everything.

this is who i was (am). i used to have passion for making websites.

that was before blogging, auto-installed cms came around.
blogging promotes writing and demotes graphic show off-ing.
cms (joomla, php-nuke, drupal, mambo etc) limits the creativity of designer yet promotes the entreprenuership in them.

yes i led a healthy virtual life. all those jargons

with limited resources, and probably wrong choice of course enrolled during tertiary education, slowly the touch disappear.

when i look back at the "file manager", i can conclude that i enjoyed making websites towards the end of the year. which means school holiday, to cure the boredom i guess.

yes.. hujung form 3 satu website,
hujung form 4 satu website,
cuti sem form 5 satu website,
habis spm satu website lagi..
eh actually 2 website.. before masuk utp satu lagi website..
ade kat account lain..

here we go..

ade hilman on the net..

time ni bajet2 cool.. sebab tu web address hilman.iscool.net..
ade link to #mirc..
yes.. mirc was such a big hit that time.. i dont know what happened to mirc nowadays..
ade link to friends..
basically schoolmates nye pictures and oh.. ade picture ntah sape2.. sekali check2.. rupenye some random mirc chat fellows.. aku tak ingat pun ade such thing..
ade link to pictures..
ooh.. ade pic zaman tadika wonderland!

(yes.. dulu2 tadika aku ade santa claus dtg, and nyanyi lagu in mandarin during music class)

ade "rumah heman" omg.. what was i thinking.. rumah heman?? (dulu2 website panggil homepage kan.. ok la kot rumah.. home..)

basically, the same lah.. cuma tukar design..
and ade download page.. links page..
ole-ole?? wtf... patut la tak ramai datang ke "rumah heman"

then ade "h i l m a n s l a i r" with spacing between each characters.. jgn main2.. haha

basically ade warna2 n gambar and semakin kurang text..
pastu cam dah canggih sket.. sebab baru belajar mouseover..
hover je atas kotak hijau tu.. keluar la link2.. ;)

then lagi canggih sket ade hilman.iscool.net version flash..
tah cam mana aku buat pakai flash pun aku tak tau la..

basically the design is the same.. but its flash version
time ni dah mula nak buat website batch..
makin lama makin takde text..

then datang la website yg aku panggil "pandai-pandai korang sendiri la discover" nye website

yes.. that is a website..
yg kiri sekali tu "about me" sebab ade gambar mcm "profile"
yg tengah2 tu "links" sebab its a chain that links together..
and yg kanan tu "guestbook" sebab ade mcm book..
intuitive kan??

basically that is it la.. ade lagi 2 yg mcm tak siap.. plus 1 website batch.. takyah la tengok.

i am now reliving the website making thingy.. and yes.. to cure the boredom as well..
need amatuer web service? do call me ;P

life's a pitch. play well.


just when u thought u know everything (barely).. bam!! this big lorry come and hit you.. you are dead wrong!

just when u thought you have everything sorted out.. boom!! this train come hitting.. you are damn wrong again!

Right Timing

They say, when the time is right, pull it tight.

Don't wait,

You will hit the spot,
when you have sorted it out.

the remaining days..

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